Whole Spouse: Helping MilSpouses Find Career Happiness

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Few would argue that when it comes to selfless service, dedication, and sacrifice, no one can hold a torch to our service members. Not far behind them, fulfilling the same triad of purpose are military spouses. Despite the inclination to think of life within the military community as entirely noble and rewarding, career and life choices made while supporting a service member’s career can often leave military spouses with feelings of despondency and regret. Dr. Michelle Still Mehta and her Whole Spouse program are on a mission to help military spouses find their way to happiness and contentment.

Walking in a Spouse’s Shoes

In her sixteen years as an Air Force spouse, Mehta has moved eight times, but she hasn’t let it stop her from doing what she loves. “The best thing about my job is helping someone reach their goals, whether it is helping a military spouse land a job or a working with a consulting client who is struggling with work-life balance. Knowing that I've made a difference in someone's life is really satisfying.”

After a decade in the consulting world, Mehta decided to go into business for herself. “After our first overseas move I realized we would be moving around a lot,” shares Mehta. “We knew we wanted to start a family and I wanted the flexibility to set my own schedule and the portability of taking my career with me.”

Now, ten years later, Mehta is most proud of the work she’s done building a coaching practice focused on military spouses. After engaging in doctoral research on military spouse employment, she uses her self-developed “3M” framework with military spouse clients  to find the right fit between career and Motherhood / Fatherhood, Marriage, and Military Life. This same “3M” framework will be the basis for a Mehta’s new book. “I hope the book will reach a broader audience of military spouses looking for practical ways to plan their careers.”

A Positive Outlook

Ask any business owner and they’ll tell you that their business network is one of their most valuable assets. The same is true for military owned businesses, but frequent moves can make building and keep this network a challenge. But Mehta also sees it as a motivator. “After moving to  Las Vegas, I was in a new location with no friends or colleagues. It took some time, but I eventually built a network and a steady stream of clients. I was highly motivated to build my business quickly, knowing I would be moving again in another 2-3 years.”

It's that same positive outlook that helps Dr. Mehta support and guide her military spouse clients. Whether the choice is made to pursue a corporate career, engage in entrepreneurship, or focus on raising a family, Dr. Mehta services are helping spouses find both happinesses and authenticity.

Ready to Find Career Happiness?

Dr. Mehta currently calls Hawaii home, but offers her services via phone or Skype to military spouses across the country and across the globe. Interested clients can find out more about her services and her research by visiting her website and her blog, Whole Spouse. She can also be reached by phone at 571-830-7105, by email, or on Facebook.

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