Virtual Assistant Internship

Work From Home (without selling anything!)

Most military wives, Moms and veterans have no idea there is an entire world out there of small business owners desperately seeking to hire them to work from home!!

With our crazy busy lifestyle of moving every few years and being alone with the kids 90% of the time, we need something portable and profitable.

Something we can do on OUR time and that aligns with OUR passions.

We are more then just our spouses careers in the service, kids, errands, and house work!

BUT selling wraps, pills, shakes, or anything else via network marketing "from home" isn't appealing or hasn't worked out.


The Virtual Assistant Internship program takes you through the entire process of learning what a Virtual Assistant is, shows you how to enhance SKILLS YOU ALREADY HAVE,

gives you top level training in all the ADVANCED skills needed to be an outstanding VA, then teaches you how to launch your VA services,

find clients and even tries to match you with clients for long term work! 


Our mentors give you real work experience and portfolio building activities to do from home so you can move beyond the "nobody with hire me without experience" hole.

Enrollment is only open 4 times a year and the training is completed from home during focused days and times so you GET IT DONE.  


We have tons of complimentary resources to help you get more information or to get started.

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