Udderly Natural Handcrafted Body Products

At Udderly Natural we craft our products using high quality natural ingredients beginning with quality whole raw goat and the variety of quality oils and additives used to create our products.  None of our products have any water added, and we use only natural mineral pigments and essential oils to color and scent our products, not synthetic dyes or fragrances.  We raise all of our milk from our herd of registered dairy goats, and strain the milk to ensure cleanliness.  By using high quality oils and superfatting the lye and goat milk mixture we can ensure a mild and moisturizing bar of soap.  Every 5 oz. bar of soap that we make has a minimum of 1 full oz. of pure undiluted goat milk.  We combine this with different combinations of olive, canola, coconut, peanut, soybean, palm kernel, and many other oils to create a wide variety of soaps to meet the desires and needs of each individual. 

Our body product line includes:

Goat milk soap: made with sodium hydroxide, goat milk, combination of carrier oils, essential oils and mineral pigments

Goat milk lotion: Our lotion is made from goat milk, olive and canola oils, and combined with shea or cocoa butter and emulsified with a pure vegetable wax.  These are colored and scented with pure mineral pigments and essential oils.

Salt & Sugar scrubs:  These are made with sea salts or sugar and combined with olive and canola oil to make a mild exfoliator, and come in a range of scents.

Bath salts: These are made from a variety of salts including Epsom, sea salt, rock salts, and mixed with baking soda for soothing effect and when added to a warm bath help relax and soothe the body.  These come in a range of scents.

Bath bombs: These are made with baking soda, citric acid, powdered goats milk and grapeseed oil.  They come in an array of sizes colors, and fragrances.

Custom gift baskets: These come in a range of sizes and include a variety of the above listed products.

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