Lori Volkman - CEO/Communications Director
(360) 521-7555
Navy | Spouse

Trajectory Communications

Clarity Delivered.

<p>Trajectory Communications provides full service communications plans for two segments:</p><p>(1) for brands and companies that want to reach a military audience, TJComs provides marketing and PR strategies designed to launch products and services, increase reach, elevate profile, and maximize profits.</p><p>(2) for defense, tech, healthcare, and energy firms engaged in expensive employee outsourcing and high employee turnover, TJComs provides analysis, assessment, and strategic advice desiged to convert HR and recruiting divisions into profit centers.</p><p>Trajectory Communications employs Veterans and Military Spouses.</p><p>We&#39;ve been nominated for the &quot;Shiny Penny&quot; award for new businesses, and if chosen we would like to use the grant funds to train a military spouse whose husband is awaiting orders, so that she can continue to work wit us&nbsp;remotely.</p>

Visit Us Online: http://www.tjcoms.com/

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