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If it has to do with money, I can help.

Financial counselor

[fi-nan-shuh l, fahy-] [koun-suh-ler]
involves guiding people on the best way to manage, invest or use their money.

synonyms: teacher, adviser, mentor, coach, helper, guide, expert.
See also: military wife, Mom of a preschooler, community volunteer, life of the party. 
If it has to do with money, I can help. I help people understand and work with their money. Money is hard enough to manage without the correct tools.  My husband is a "master woodworker", so let's talk in man/tool terms.

The foundation: you can not start a project without a firm foundation, like making the decision to learn from a teacher, developing a plan and opening up your personal and financial life to be able to make better choices with the right tools. Without a firm foundation, you will sink.

The tools: like a hammer and nails, you need things like proper guidance, information, the right resources and safety gear. To be successful with money you need the same guidance, a plan to follow and resources to assist you in building a solid bookshelf (or financial future, in this case). 

I work with people: small businesses, individuals, families, non-profit programs - to do just that, provide that foundation and tools to build a financial future. I do this through one-on-one meetings, accountability, planning, resources and experienced guidance. 

Why do you need it? 
I believe everyone needs the foundation and tools to build that financial future for yourself. I also believe there is misguided advice, advice from your poor brother and making decisions on a whim or what you think is a good idea, all of these ideas are bad ideas. 

 If there is any portion of your plan that needs assistance OR your plan needs to be created; if you work clients through a direct financial program and would like to provide the same education OR are starting a business and want to do so in the right direction, with clear goals and a written plan - You need me.

Here is what I suggest you do next.

 Review the rest of my site, find some great resources and get in touch with me to sit down free and discuss your needs.

Lauren, what do you do when you aren't working with people like me?

 I enjoy life with my handsome husband and terrific son.  I was born and raised in Texas (you can take the girl out of Texas but can not take the Texas out of the girl, am I right?) Currently living in Virginia with a move to Georgia in the near future.   My husband, a dedicated Marine and Logistics master leads us all over the globe. 

 For the past 7 years, I have worked for non-profits coordinating volunteers and events, fundraising and working on a strict budget to provide for those clients.  For the past 4 years (with some overlap!) I have worked to provide financial education to clients and in March, I launched Thrive to continue the good work. 

 I love late night Netflix dates with my husband, dancing in the living room with my boisterous son, playing Uno and meeting people and creating relationships, including maxing out the relationship I have with Jesus! 


The "Official" Bio



Lauren Welch, AFC:  Owner and CFT, CHIEF FINANCIAL THRIVER Lauren has always had a love for managing money and helping others do the same. In 2008, Lauren and her husband took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and just about every year since have facilitated the class to the community, touching hundreds of lives through the program. Lauren spent years performing volunteer service to the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society teaching military service members about the importance of money education and management. In 2011, Lauren started the journey to becoming an Accredited Financial Counselor through the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education and in 2012, she received those credentials. In 2012, she helped to start a financial stability program through a local United Way and saw it to fruition. Lauren has helped hundreds of military members and civilians thrive financially.



Thrive Financial Counseling: Started in 2014 was born from the idea that everyone with the right information can thrive financially. Based on education and experience, Thrive will strive to help those without access to quality financial assistance who understand that they need a hand in the game to succeed. Financial success is gained by the right information, the right mindset and the help of a plan and goals. Thrive Financial Counseling will do just that.

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