Oh Sooo Sweet! Making Cadet Life Sweeter One Bite At A Time

Fri, 08/05/2016 - 17:40 -- vjorden

As members or the military community, most of us know all too well what it’s like to miss out on celebrating holidays and birthdays with friends and family. Whether it’s a deployment or remote station, or simply the unrelenting demands of a critical mission, if we had a dollar for every missed celebration, we could buy ourselves an island. Cadets entering into the United States Military Academy at West Point often get their first taste of this military lifestyle norm, but Desiree Turner, Army veteran and military spouse, is working to help make sure cadets know their friends and family back home are still thinking about them.

Answering the post chapel’s call for snack donations to a Chaplain’s Time event during BEAST (West Point's version of Basic Training) proved serendipitous for Turner who started the Oh Soooo Sweet bakery in 2013 . After the Public Affairs office posted pictures of her creations online, calls started coming in from parents asking where they could order some of her baked goods for their cadets. ““My business kind of happened by accident,” says Turner. "From there it just kept growing and hasn't stopped since.”

SSG Turner receives a cake for her first birthday away from home during AIT

And while the sweet shop’s start happened by chance, its continued success is no fluke. Currently an MBA student, Turner’s passion for her business is fueled by her own military experience. “Sending love to a Cadet from their family is something I consider an honor. I remember DFAC food while living in the barracks, so I understand how something so small can mean so much.”

With orders pouring in, Turner is looking to expand. “We've had such a positive response to delivering to West Point Cadets and are trying to expand with as many military spouses as possible because I know how tough it can be to go to an employer with a resume that has a different job every few years. Having a military spouse at each service academy is our current goal.”

Offering up an amazing array of cake pops, cupcakes, caramel apples, custom cakes, and cronuts, no matter your sugar fancy, Oh Sooo Sweet has you covered.  Pick a theme, and Turner can make it happen. Her most recent creation? Cow cake pops. Yep, you read that right, cows.  “One of the hardest things about getting started was learning the differences between USMA and the regular Army,” says Turner.  “During their junior year, a Cadet is known as a yearling, or more affectionately as "cows".  Imagine my surprise when a parent called wanting to order cupcakes for her daughter who she called a cow!” 

Oh Sooo Sweet delivers to cadets at West Point, but they also ship nationwide. Customers can place orders online, on Facebook, by email or by phone (209-817-3893).

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