Military Life's Moments - Military Family Friendly Greeting Cards

Helping military families build stronger bonds through both separations & celebrations!

Helping to support and to encourage military families is just a part of who I am. Understanding this is easier if you know  that my life as a military wife the entire length of my husband's Navy career. I have a special place in my heart for all our military members and their home front teams. Building a positive spirit of community support and encouragement is the main focus of my business as well.

On my FaceBook page you will find uplifting military friendly stories, events and pictures. On my Pinterest page you will find  helpful military life tips and kid creatable crafts for deployed parent care packages. If you follow me on Twitter, I share current events that will most likely impact our military around the world and financial things  that  will impact them here  at home. My website  ( shares military family friendly tips on all sorts of different things during different seasons. My NEW blog ( ) is  about sharing insights and helpful things from our family's experience as a career military family through moves, adjustments, deployments and life.

Perhaps you see it is only natural that I would want to create a MILITARY FAMILY FRIENDLY line of greeting cards. Afterall, you don't always have time to create homemade treasures to mail a deployed parent. When you shop around you can find greeting cards designed for doctors, lawyers and golfers. Why not for our  military families? So, I created them!

To enable all military families to get them, I market them online through two different publishers. See my "Military Bears" collection for Army, Navy, Air Force & Coast Guard @ my Cafe Press  shop = See my "Military  Bears" and MANY more cards at my Greeting Card Universe shop. Over 8,000 cards available at


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