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Air Force | Spouse
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Lush Tea Co.

Flavorageous Loose Leaf Tea

From dawn until dusk, your tea should invigorate you each morning, power you through the afternoons, and relax you in the evening. Oh yeah, it should be crazy delicious too.

Why Lush?

A lush life is full of adventure, loved ones, savory food, authenticity, risks, dessert, variety, surprises, energy, reflection, breathtaking landscapes, warm hugs, and moments of truth. At Lush Tea Co., we strive to create tea blends that embody everything a lush life is made of. Each blend is carefully crafted for maximum flavor and maximum enjoyment. We push boundaries and create experiences that fit inside a teacup. The idea for Lush was conceived between loved ones who desired something more to offer the world. Through a warm cup of tea, new ideas are born between friends. And those ideas give birth to new experiences that make up a lush life.

We are proud to be an Asheville, NC company. Located in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, we are inspired by the adventurousness, beauty, and creativity of this community. We ship nationwide and are honored to share a little space on your kitchen counter and in your hearts.

At Lush, we are fueled by:

  • Delicious tea

  • A drive to create jobs for those who are economically vulnerable

  • A passion for healthful beverages to nourish our amazing bodies

  • A desire to preserve the beautiful earth that God has created

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