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Fake Cakes by Rhea

Where presentation defines the gift experience!

Here at Fake Cakes by Rhea, every order is a creative challenge, with our goal being complete customization for the gift recipient.    Diaper Cakes, Towel Cakes, and Spa Cakes are fun and a beautiful alternative to putting everything you purchased in a gift bag and instead creating a memorable shower gift or centerpiece. The presentation becomes part of the gift experience!  Not only do we provide beautiful gifts for some of the most special days in a person's life, but we tailor the creation to fit their personality, color scheme, or event theme by incorporating items from their personal registry at major retailers they have already chosen.  This ensures that your gift is not only original but also exactly what they wanted.  Our attention to detail is unparalleled and truly sets our gifts apart.

Why Fake Cakes by Rhea?  Everyone is looking for a unique gift to give, but you want to give something truly useful at the same time...Whether it is diapers, towels, school supplies, spa-like pampering items, or kitchen utensils, we provide the perfect gift for the occasion!  Our Cakes for a Cause concept line caters to clients going through medical treatments and make wonderufl pick-me-up or celebratory gifts. Our varities of Fake Cakes can even be used as centerpieces for baby and bridal showers or retirement and housewarming parties.  They are the perfect gift when you want to give items from a gift registry for a mom-to-be or a bride-to-be that is choosy in style or brand because we do the work of finding the items for you!  Let us know where they are registered during our consultation and your "shopping" is done!  Giving them an amazing gift is truly that easy!  Fake Cakes by Rhea in Jacksonville, NC can seamlessly handle all of your local and cross-country gifting needs.

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