Charles LeMay - President
Marines | Veteran
San Marcos California | Other

Combat To Clinic

Community Support For Veteran Education

The mission of Combat to Clinic is to provide a means for combat Veterans of the United States Armed Forces to obtain the necessary education required to provide appropriate social and psychological care to other combat Veterans. With support from private and corporate donations as well as grants, Combat to Clinic will supplement education costs when the G.I. Bill funds have been depleted. Assistance will be provided to cover tuition costs, books, and enrollment fees for qualified Veteran students seeking to obtain graduate and post-graduate degrees aimed at psychological and social care. In return, they make a commitment to use that education to give back to the Veteran community. By placing those who have experienced similar trauma in a position to help, Combat to Clinic seeks to increase the number of Veterans willing to seek treatment, prevent Veteran-related crime and suicide, and reduce the number of Veterans suffering from long-term, psychological and social disorders.

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