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We are a firearms training and gun safety education company, providing Concealed Carry Permit training and NRA classes. We are a Home grown, American owned, Veteran run company.


American Patriots Training Academy (APTA) is a diverse firearms training and gun safety education company that provides a wide selection of services to help you gain the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to confidently handle your firearms. After completing our concealed carry course (that meets and exceeds the requirements as outlined in the Colorado Revised Statutes) you will be equipped with the necessary training to not only obtain your concealed carry permit but to do so confidently and safely.

With over twenty five years of marksmanship training under our belt, we can assure you quality instruction in a safe and comfortable environment. We offer a selection of National Rifle Association (NRA) certified courses as well as an Advanced Marksmanship course and a Concealed Carry course. Offered in our curriculum is a set of Women Only classes. We also offer a set of training that is age appropriate for children.  No matter what level of comfort you have with your firearm, we can customize programs to meet the training needs of individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations.

The quality of training that our customers’ receive is our number one priority!  It is our desire to have a long standing relationship with our customers and their family and friends.  We want to be “the place you go” when you think about firearms training and gun safety education.  Our NRA certified instructors are committed to firearms education and safety.  Each American citizen has the right to “keep and bear arms.”  It is our desire to help provide the proper training for those American citizens who choose to exercise their Second Amendment right. 

You will walk away from APTA knowing that you have received the highest quality instruction.  Whether you take our NRA Basic Pistol course or our Concealed Carry course, you will receive top notch instruction and will participate in quality gun education.  Our instructors believe in student participation and involvement.  There are no “stupid questions” here at APTA.  We are committed to excellence in education and work to attain the highest rankings from our students.

APTA is also a third party weapon qualifications certifying provider.  We can conduct annual, bi-annual, quarterly and other time specific company mandated weapon certification for your armed personnel.  If your employees are required by you to carry concealed, we can ascertain they are provided a solid education on the techniques needed to be effective.  You no longer have to bear the logistical burden, just call APTA.

APTA also provides Parameter Analysis Security reviews for home and business.  This security service will help to identify and eliminate security risks at your home or business.  Just call APTA to set up your analysis.

There is a difference between us and "other training companies" - We are certified, licensed and insured.


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